Wednesday, June 5, 2013

the fish

As I reported to you back on September 8 - here if you need a refresher or here for the next day's follow-up - we bought two goldfish that Mac named Lucky and Goldy.

True to our history, we are nothing if not exemplary fish guardians.  Our beta fish in Sao Paulo lived 18 months and we finally had to give him away when we left.  And Lucky and Goldy have lived for 10 months and are bigger and better than ever.  We seem to have that certain knack for ownership of pets that thrive on neglect, inattention, and a skipped meal every once in awhile.

Well today the time has come to move Lucky and Goldy to their new home.  Our friends, the Murphys (with whom we traveled to Peru), have graciously agreed to receive these new pets.  We hit them up in Peru at a weak moment just after their pet fish died and to get TWO fish to replace their one fish was a great consolation for their two girls.  You know, that's just the kind of person I am.  I really thought that Lucky and Goldy would give those young girls, crushed by the loss of their pet, a reason to go on living.

So we packed up everything, gave the tank a good scrub, and prepared the fish for the move.  It's a little more complicated than moving a beta fish in its little tiny filter-less tank.  In fact, it sort of felt like packing up a child for college.
These fish nowadays require a lot of stuff.
Mac appeared a little glum about the whole transition, but I think on the inside, he was secretly very happy, seeing as how he did not interact with them. Ever.  And seeing as how he only took a recent and minimal interest in them when we told him they were going away.  And by minimal interest, I mean he fed them two times this week.  Under duress.
Mac, taking the fish downstairs to the car, in their transit vessel.
The biggest news that we're looking to hear from the Murphys is whether Goldy is indeed pregnant as we all have decided she is.  She's grown awfully wide in the last few weeks, is much more sluggish than normal and has - from my limited online research about goldfish pregnancy - the square shape that signals pregnancy.

Here's to new beginnings (and to new fish babies?)!

Adios Goldy and Lucky.  We'll miss you.

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