Wednesday, April 23, 2014

NYR 4-21-14

Jimmy and Mac went to a Nationals game tonight with a college friend of Jimmy's.  (That modifier was unnecessary because Mac doesn't have any college friends and Jimmy and Mac likely wouldn't go alone to a ballgame with my college friend.)

I was fairly excited to have a few hours all to myself.  All I had to do was get Mac to Jimmy via Metro and return home.  If all systems were go, that could have been a 30-minute round trip. 

I rode with Mac on the Metro to Jimmy's work stop.  We made sure we got on the train at the exact door where Jimmy always gets on the train so that when we arrived at the correct Metro stop, Jimmy would be waiting at the exact spot where he always exits the train.  The plan was that Jimmy would hop on the train as I hopped off the train, and Jimmy and Mac could continue on that same train without interruption.

It worked like a charm.  Jimmy was right where he was supposed to be and we had gotten on the right car in the correct door. Mac stayed put, I hopped off, gave Jimmy a quick kiss, he hopped on, and away they went.

And thus ends the easy part of this transfer.

I joined the rush hour commuters on the other side of the track and waited for the next train going back to Virginia.  It came in 4 minutes but was so packed that a bunch of us couldn't squeeze in.

I waited another 4 minutes, jockeyed for good position and made it on the next train.  

Which broke down 2 stops into my 4-stop ride.  

Everybody was forced to exit the train and wait.  I debated walking home at this point but I didn't have the right shoes or a jacket or sunglasses so I stayed put.  After a few minutes the out-of-service train was moved from the track and another train pulled in.  Miraculously I squeezed in and got home a few minutes later, nearly an hour after Mac and I had left home. 

The boys were already at the ball park by that time and having a great time.  The weather was perfect as opposed to last week's baseball outing when we froze. 

Upon arrival

Mac never wants a photo with the Presidents so I'm not sure what bribery went into this picture

Mac and Andrew

Great seats

Jimmy ate four hot dogs, which makes me want to vomit.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, I was determined to try this foot soak that I read about on Facebook that is "guaranteed" to remove all the old dead winter skin right off your feet.  It's a mix of the gross brown Listerine, vinegar, and warm water.  

I soaked and scrubbed and scrubbed some more. My feet smelled very medicinal and hygienic and may have been softer, but there's definitely still work to be done.

For an evening alone at home while the boys were out having fun, I am truly thankful. 

Monday, April 21, 2014

NYR 4-20-14

For the greatest gift of the Resurrection on this Easter Day, I am especially and always thankful.  

NYR 4-19-14

The Wests left before dawn, and I dropped off my mom at the airport at 9am.  

At that point, there was nobody else's happiness and well-being that I was responsible for and I felt the pressure fall off my shoulders.  

I thought of ordering the following:

In all seriousness, it was an amazing vacation.  We covered a lot of ground - literally!: over 45 miles in one week with seven children under the age of 12, three grandparents over the age of 60, and four or five (five when Jimmy was around) middle-aged parents who were trying to keep children from falling off the Metro platform.  

So many incredible memories made for our children with their grandparents and cousins, and that's what it's all about.

(For the record, after I got home from the airport, I did not leave the apartment for the rest of the day.  HEAVEN!!) 

NYR 4-18-14

Our last official field trip of the vacation was a White House tour.  We showed up before the appointed meeting time, only to find out there was an active "incident" and they'd blocked off all streets around the White House.  We had no idea if the tour would go on, so we hung around at the White House visitor center shop until my cousin - thankfully - noticed the streets had been re-opened.
Photo of our trooper children

The Wilsons, at least one of whom was done with photos and touring and the White House and walking

The Wests, minus my brother who couldn't make it due to work

The Hill sisters, aka the grandmas on the trip

Mac and me

The Wilsons and Swicords left after the White House tour and the rest of us took ourselves to the movies to see the DisneyNature movie Bears, which is a wonderful movie.  

Total Fitbit Miles Walked:  5.38 miles

NYR 4-17-14

If yesterday was history day, today was FUN day with the National Zoo and the Nationals versus St. Louis Cardinals baseball game with a visit to the Bureau of Engraving and Printing thrown in between so we could see where the moolah is printed.

Favorite photos of the day:

Some of the kiddos at the zoo

My new best friend John (my cousin's son) was camera-shy throughout the trip, so I sneaked this photo of his sweet self looking at the sea lion underwater.

Take me out to the ball game... but preferably when it's not 40 degrees, which made for an uncomfortable and shortened game for our group.  AND the Nats got smoked so we couldn't even celebrate a win.

At least it's a beautiful park...

Ball park selfie with John and Jackson.

Total FitBit mileage:  8.18 miles (HOLY SMOKES!!!!)

Thursday, April 17, 2014

NYR 4-16-14

Today was a high-intensity history day followed by a wonderful trip to the National Botanical Garden.

First stop:  Library of Congress where we had a wonderful docent-led tour.
The reading room. I'm sure I'd be brilliant if I studied here.

Soaking up all sorts of wisdom.

Listening to interesting facts about the reading room.

On the way to the Capitol from the Cannon Office Building.

Almost the whole group. 

Jimmy joined us at the Botanical Garden.  He tried to educate the children, not realizing their attention spans were shot after the Library and Capitol tours.

Total Fitbit miles walked:  7.16 miles

NYR 4-15-14

Today we suffered through monsoon-like rain in DC, which always makes for a fun, happy, large family outing.  Every other tourist in DC apparently thought going to the National Air and Space Museum would be a great rainy day outing, but we conquered the line and enjoyed the museum.

In the afternoon, the big kids went to tour the Washington Nationals' ball park and the little kids went to the National American Indian Museum, which boasts a wonderful "exploratorium" for young kids.  

1 of 3 smiling and looking at the camera is a pretty good success rate.

2 of 3 in the photo is a pretty good success rate.

4 of 4 smiles/grimaces is a great accomplishment.

3 of 4 in the Nationals' press box is a pretty good success rate.

Total Fitbit Miles Walked: 4.16 miles