Thursday, November 20, 2014


Continuing with the millennial theme...

I can't quite put my finger on a consistent theme in female millennial clothing (except that they don't dress like me.) But I can tell you that they must not invest heavily in hairbrushes because their hairstyles look like they used their fingers as combs and brushes. 

I see young women on the train everyday and at work who just have messy hair. Not intentionally messy hair. Just messy hair. Like they didn't comb it, didn't blow dry it, but instead just pulled it back in a messy ponytail with bits and bobs sticking out. Forget a sleek chignon. They have lumps and bumps all over what should be smooth pulled-back hair. 

It drives me crazy at work to see hair like that. You're in an office, not the gym, for crying out loud. 

So invest in a cheap brush and use it. And while you're at it, buy a bear of tights and use them when it's 30 degrees outside. We all realize your spray-tanned legs are gorgeous in those 4" heels, but you're going to catch pneumonia walking in the polar vortex with all that skin exposed. 

Wednesday, November 19, 2014


I work in a dreary, windowless office in a basement. The office has been subdivided into 5 cubicles and a conference table area. Two other women and I are occupying three of the cubes until we move to a new office in another building that's currently being renovated. 

We've had discussions about the weather recently as the temperatures were forecast to drop dramatically. One of the ladies said she had bought fleece-lined sweatpants that she couldn't wait to use.  We all decided that could be the best invention since sliced bread. 

The next day I showed up at work to find a still-in-the-package pair of fleece-lined leggings on my desk. The sweatpant lady  said when she got home the night before, she remembered she had this pair of leggings she bought for a cold-weather trip that never happened. Then she decided they were too small for her anyway so they went in her Goodwill bag. 

Obviously she recognized my love of  cheap clothes and decided to save me the trip to Goodwill. 

Well, let me just tell you: these things are amazing. I had a lot of meetings today that required walking to and from other buildings out in the bitter elements. When I say bitter, I mean this:

My legs were toasty the whole day. My toes didn't even get cold and that's a miracle. 

God bless the creator and the giver of my newest and best accessory. 

Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Prayers were answered!

Sunday, November 16, 2014


My goals while the boys were away overnight were to a) clean the apartment and b) veg on the couch and binge-watch tv shows and movies. 

Both goals were accomplished. The apartment is clean (for the moment) and I watched lots of tv. I caught up on The Amazing Race and Parenthood and watched the movies Everybody's FineChef, and Love Actually, one of my favorite holiday-time movies. 

I probably needed about 3 more days to watch everything I wanted to watch, but I enjoyed my respite. 


The boys are on a camping trip in the Shenandoah, so Leo and I are hanging out on our own. This afternoon I took him to the local dog park so he could wear himself out. 

When we first arrive at the dog park, he's always a little timid because there are always big, fast, seemingly aggressive dogs who immediately swarm him. We sit in the same place every time - a bench in the sun that he can hide under as his safe spot because the big dogs can't get under it like he can. 

Today I was sitting on the bench and he was wandering around in the general vicinity. A lady sat down on the bench next to mine, and Leo went over to her. He jumped up and put one paw, which is the size of a quarter, on her knee. (This area of the park is cement so he wasn't traipsing through the sandy part.)

I reflexively apologized to her and told him to get down (which he did). The lady made a dramatic show of pulling out a pack of wet wipes from her handbag so she could blot her knee off. 

1.  Who brings a full-size handbag to the dog park?


2.  Don't come to the dog park (which is packed on a Saturday afternoon) if you don't want any dogs around you. 

I was feeling awful, like I had the worst-behaved dog on the planet. 

But the universe is often kind. 

Before she could throw her wet wipe in the trashcan, her large dog came over and slobbered wet drool all over my thigh. 

My only regret was that I hadn't hauled my handbag to the dog park and couldn't whip out my wet wipes (imaginary, of course, since I only carry wet wipes in my handbag if I'm traveling by plane) to make a dramatic show of cleaning my pants of her dog's slobber. 

She didn't even apologize. 

Arlingtonians sometimes drive me a little crazy. 

Saturday, November 15, 2014


The next ten days. This makes me very, very sad 

Friday, November 14, 2014


In other Metro-riding news...

I am fascinated by how millennial-generation men dress.  They make a fashion statement very unique to their age bracket. 

You may be a millennial man if you wear the following (by my observation on the Washington, DC Metro for the last month):  

Skinny suit pants, no cuff, and hemmed to barely skim the top of your shoe. 

A suit jacket that always looks a little snug to me. You may, but this is not a definite, also have a dress shirt on that's a little too snug as evidenced by the pulled buttons. Regardless, you wear a tighter, fitted dress shirt. 

You do not wear Johnston and Murphy or Florsheim dress shoes. There's nary a wingtip in sight. And you definitely aren't bothered by the quaint notion of wearing black shoes with a dark suit. You invariably wear brown shoes with a long pointy toe that may curl up slightly (see top picture) with your skinny suit. There may be buckles involved but rarely do I see laces. 

You generally have scruffy facial hair. I'm not sure what the purpose of that is. You still have to groom it and I would assume it takes longer to keep it tidy than to just shave it all off. 

Your fingers are permanently attached to an iPhone and I believe earbuds grow from your ears. You either are conducting all sorts of business all the time or you play a mean game of Candy Crush. 

For the next month I will study millennial women as part of my anthropological discourse.