Tuesday, November 25, 2014


For the first time ever in my life (that I can remember), I am celebrating Thanksgiving this year with just my mom, my siblings and their families (and Jimmy and Mac, of course).  None of my cousins or aunts and uncles. And they're all coming to Northern Virginia to share the holiday with us here instead of us going to SC.  This all seems so unique and different to our holiday status quo, and I am irrationally excited about this.  

Some people are flying and some people are driving, and of course, now there's this ridiculous winter storm coming that could screw up everybody's travel. 

I would love for it to snow lots so the children could enjoy it, but I need for them all to get here tomorrow first. 

Sending up the prayers....


I got asked today on the Metro if I needed someone to give up his seat for me. 



Back in the spring, a former colleague of Jimmy's contracted some sort of bacterial infection that wasn't diagnosed properly and he ended up dying. One day he was an active, healthy man in his mid-50s and two weeks later, he was dead. 

His wife and their two teenaged children hosted a Friendsgiving today that Jimmy and I attended. This family is well-loved by so many interesting, engaging people as evidenced by the party's turnout, but their loss and grief are almost tangible. The wife said a few emotional words before asking their son to say the blessing. 

If I needed a poignant reminder about how much I have to be thankful for, all I had to do was listen to this young man offer a prayer for his parents, their friends and speak of how we are never alone. It was very moving and was a perfect start to a week of grateful Thanksgiving. 

Sunday, November 23, 2014


Today we had Mac's birthday party. Seven boys for an XBox Madden tournament, flag football in the park, make-your-own-pizzas, more Doritos than 7 boys should be able to consume, and chocolate cake. I think a good time was had by all. 


Okay, I hate to keep harping on Parenthood, but really, if you're not watching it, you just have no idea what you're missing. The good news for you is that since it's going off the air after this season, you won't have to be clueless for  much longer. More's the pity. 

This week's episode was so tough. All the story lines I love the most, most, most just piled into one hour of a soppy, sniffly, sad mess. 

Julia and Joel have to get back together. That's it. I cannot bear to think of Joel living in that sad bachelor apartment when he's so emotional about his love for Julia. "I will honor you for the rest of my days, if you'll have me."  For goodness' sake, Julia, yes, you'll have him. 

And then poor Zeke. Oh my poor, beloved Zeke. Are they going to kill Zeke with a heart attack?  I will cry for weeks if they do. Do you hear me, NBC?  You better not do that. 

If you are watching the show and you watched the trailer for next week, you know what I'm about to say. But if you didn't, here's my PSA of the week:

there's no new episode until January. 
- there are only four new episodes left. 

There are dark days coming, my friends. Dark days, I tell you. 


Today is Mac's 12 birthday. I just don't know how we already got to this age because I'm fairly convinced I just had him 2 years ago. 

I am so thankful for this precious child. He's smart and has a great sense of humor, he's empathetic and compassionate, he's an all-around great athlete, he makes friends easily, he's polite and uses good manners (most of the time), and he's adaptable (which is serving him well in our transient life). 

I need to savor this time that he's still in tweenhood, while he at least needs me to drive him places, because, as fast as time flies, all too soon he'll be going out with friends and dating. 

Can you hear me crying from here???

Thursday, November 20, 2014


Continuing with the millennial theme...

I can't quite put my finger on a consistent theme in female millennial clothing (except that they don't dress like me.) But I can tell you that they must not invest heavily in hairbrushes because their hairstyles look like they used their fingers as combs and brushes. 

I see young women on the train everyday and at work who just have messy hair. Not intentionally messy hair. Just messy hair. Like they didn't comb it, didn't blow dry it, but instead just pulled it back in a messy ponytail with bits and bobs sticking out. Forget a sleek chignon. They have lumps and bumps all over what should be smooth pulled-back hair. 

It drives me crazy at work to see hair like that. You're in an office, not the gym, for crying out loud. 

So invest in a cheap brush and use it. And while you're at it, buy a bear of tights and use them when it's 30 degrees outside. We all realize your spray-tanned legs are gorgeous in those 4" heels, but you're going to catch pneumonia walking in the polar vortex with all that skin exposed.