Tuesday, October 14, 2014


After a slight delay, I am starting my new job tomorrow.  So today I gave Jimmy and Mac my last day of freedom to clean our apartment from top to bottom. Things are getting ready to change around here as I don't intend to work full-time and be the chief cook, housekeeper, and laundress around this joint. 

The apartment is spic-and-span, which will last until tonight when we get back from Mac's football game and a million little astro-turf bits come off of Mac's cleats. Which will freak out my OCD tendencies and I'll feel compelled to sweep and mop. 

I told Jimmy and Mac that we would next clean as a family and the cleaning would be to my standards and not theirs, which means we'll end up somewhere between a frat house and a sterile operating room. 

Here's hoping for more OR and less Animal House. 


Today we were all home for the Columbus Day holiday. Between a trip to the mall where we watched a movie and ate lunch, grocery shopping, and being lazy, Mac did a couple of science experiments he found online. He made invisible ink (it worked!) and a lava lamp (sort of a dud but it's kind of-sort of like a lava lamp without the light and without the big globules).  Like any good scientist, he labeled all his work:

We also celebrated the first anniversary of our humongous tv. (Remember last Columbus Day when Jimmy had to buy the big tv that day and had to get it home that day?  The day when Mac and I got left behind at Best Buy because we couldn't fit in our car with the tv and the tv took priority? The day that Mac and I ended up buying a fish at the pet store next to Best Buy while we killed time, waiting for Jimmy to come back and get us?)  Well, that tv is a year old and we had yet to utilize its 3-D capability, so tonight we rented a 3-D movie. It was pretty incredible. 

A good day was had by all. 

Sunday, October 12, 2014


Today I would like to tell you about two things that will change your life. But only if you live near a Costco and a Trader Joe's. If you don't have those stores near you, then sorry, your life will not be changed.  But if you're living without Costco and Trader Joe's, then you probably want to move anyway. You know, for greater fulfillment in life in general.  I'm thinking of your quality of life. 


The first life-changing item is this:
Remember last Christmas when I made those pretzels with a caramel square melted on them with chocolate drizzled on top?  

Well these are 100% better. No, 1000% better. 


Jimmy and I picked these up on our trip to Costco yesterday because we were shopping hungry. Boy, are they yummy. We agree that the name is stupid and we would've chosen something different, but whatever. They're the most delicious combination of thin pretzels, dark chocolate, caramel and sea salt. Heaven right there in a decadent treat. 

We found these babies on the row that seems to have all the packaged cookies and candies for Christmas, so I really hope this is not a seasonal item. That would be bad, bad news. 

The second product, which I don't have a photo of and which is actually two separate products, is/are the bags of ready-made pizza dough and tubs of pizza sauce sold in the refrigerated section at Trader Joe's. 

We ate at our friends' house the other day and they served what looked and tasted like homemade-from-scratch pizza. They shared their secret: TJ's pizza dough. 

How have I wasted an entire year living a 10-minute walk from Trader Joe's, never having seen those little bags of dough for $1.25?  I'm so mad at myself. 

We "made" pizzas for supper last night. By "made", I mean I took the bags of dough out of the fridge for 20 minutes, sprayed some Pam on the baking sheets, spread the dough out, spread all the pizzas with TJ's delicious and thick pizza sauce (1 tub of sauce easily covers 1.5 pizzas and that's using a lot of sauce), and topped each of the pizzas. One was cheese only, one was pepperoni, and one was salami, caramelized onions and red peppers. Yes, I know 3 pizzas for 3 people is too much. We have 1.5 pizzas to eat later. 

Run, don't walk, to your nearest Costco and Trader Joe's. 

You're welcome. 


We woke up to a cold and dreary day.
Sort of a stay-in-your-pajamas sort of day or at least a stay-in-your-pajamas sort of morning until you decide to go shopping because nobody else had that original idea to do indoor activities on a cold, dreary day. 

Leo and I curled up to watch Thursday night's episode of Parenthood.  I am so bummed that this is the last season for the show. I'm such a sucker for family dramas with a little comedy thrown in. Always some tears shed (or a lot this week with Zeke's open heart surgery. Wow. Need the kleenex during this episode), a lot of poignant moments and always some humorous bits. Why can't these shows last forever?  If I ran a tv network, I'd put shows like Parenthood and Brothers and Sisters and Modern Family (for levity) on a continuous loop. 

Here are some pictures of our morning. Leo wasn't terribly interested in watching tv 

(Sleeping with his paws in the air. Puppy love...)

(Got all our clickers at the ready)


(Switching positions)

(I can't quite find the right spot.)

(Let me try this way.  Mmmmm)

(Oh, now this is perfect.)

So even though, it looked like this outside, we were snug as a bug in a rug inside.  

Very content morning...

Friday, October 10, 2014


Do you know what this picture 

And this picture 

Well, they mean that today I changed out my closet from summer clothes to fall and winter clothes. 

Sniff, sniff. 

The fall I don't mind, but if that horrible, breathtaking (in a bad way) white winter comes quickly on its heels, I may have a complete breakdown. 

Stay tuned. 

Thursday, October 9, 2014


Two photos of the day:

Why are all these people (including me) lined up to get in to Costco at 10:00 on the nose?  Are they going to run out of toilet paper and free samples?!?!?

My sweet baby dog is trying to help me book an airline ticket. 


Today's walk around the neighborhood took Leo and me by this house, which is more than ready for Halloween. Creepy.