Saturday, August 30, 2014


I got this sweet card from my BFF today:

Our newest relative is doing great. We see signs everyday that his separation anxiety is improving. We think (hope?) he's starting to get it that he's stuck with us.  

Thursday, August 28, 2014


We went to sixth grade orientation. 

How did we get to middle school?

Mac seemed confident and was happy to see some of his friends from 5th grade. We met his home room teacher who is back in the classroom after a 5-year break to stay home with her baby. I like that. And we found out that her husband is from Bogota, so we were able to bond with her over that connection. 

I'm sure it's going to be a great year. 


My laptop got majorly hacked today. 

Worse than that, I may have been scammed by the hackers in my quest to fix the problem. That's still unclear but I spent hours working on this problem and have zero confidence that I've done everything I need to do to protect myself. I'm kind of freaked out here. 

As a matter if principle, I hate thieves. 

I hate pickpockets. 

I hate purse snatchers.

I hate robbers. 

I hate car thieves. 

I hate hackers who, even if they just create a nuisance, steal a sense of security. 

I hope there's a special punishment for them all on Judgment Day. 


National Dog Day!  

(Sorry for the cuteness overload.)
Eating a delicious and fancy doggy treat from his care package last week

Sleeping with his beloved tennis ball

Sleeping on Mama's chest 

Looking like a jack rabbit

Loving on Mac

Family selfie at the beach in Delaware

Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Proud Mama Alert!  

Proud Mama Alert!  

Proud Mama Alert!

If you're still reading, consider yourself warned.

Today we got the rest of Mac's standardized test scores.  That boy is so smart.  He scored Pass - Advanced on the Science and Math portions and Pass-Proficient on Reading.  Since I am not a math or science person, I am super impressed with those scores.  And since I'm a reading guru, I don't understand why he didn't get Pass-Advanced on Reading BUT I didn't point that out to him.

In all honesty, after a really steep learning curve upon entry into his school last September, I'm thrilled that he did so well. I think I was hopeful he'd just pass everything, never mind any advanced scores. I love that boy and am so proud of him.

Sixth grade, here we come!



When we left Chestertown last night, we drove to Dover, DE where we spent the night in a pet-friendly hotel. Thankfully Leo was a credit to his species. 

This morning we drove to Lewes, DE where we went to Cape Henlopen State Park to see the beach. It was so different from the beaches I know. For starters there are huge surf fishing beaches where trucks drive out on the sand, park with their tailgates facing the ocean and fish. Dogs are only allowed on the surf fishing beaches so we didn't check out the swimming beaches. But it didn't matter because it was very rough and windy and quite chilly down by the water. We found a section of a surf fishing beach that had no trucks on it so Mac and Jimmy could throw the football and Leo could play on the sand (which he loved) and put his paws in the water (accidentally and which he did not like at all). 

After exploring the WW2 military installations in the park and driving to the park's northernmost point, we headed for lunch and a stroll around Lewes, which is so charming and sweet. 

Jimmy found a shop selling steamed crabs. Since the owner was ready to close, she sold him 15 crabs - several of which were true jumbo or larger - for just $29. To put this into perspective, Jimmy ate steamed crabs with a former colleague at a restaurant in Arlington in July. The cost for a dozen?  $95. 

We feasted like Chesapeake kings and queens when we got home tonight. 
(Mac's hand, which is longer than mine, next to our biggest crab)

Crab detritus 


One of the big draws of living in the greater DC area was that we'd get to see Jimmy's good friend from undergrad, his wife and kids often. We have been so fortunate to see them here as well as out at their place on the Eastern Shore. Sadly for us, they are moving next week to Ethiopia for Andrew's work so we made one last trip out to Chestertown today to spend the day with them. They're such good people and we had a great time, as usual. Bittersweet to see them go...

Leo had a great time. He got to run off-leash (and thankfully came back when called), and he took his first boat ride. 

But Leo wasn't the only boy in the family who had fun. The human boys enjoyed a neighbor's trampoline toy out in the water.