Thursday, April 17, 2014

NYR 4-16-14

Today was a high-intensity history day followed by a wonderful trip to the National Botanical Garden.

First stop:  Library of Congress where we had a wonderful docent-led tour.
The reading room. I'm sure I'd be brilliant if I studied here.

Soaking up all sorts of wisdom.

Listening to interesting facts about the reading room.

On the way to the Capitol from the Cannon Office Building.

Almost the whole group. 

Jimmy joined us at the Botanical Garden.  He tried to educate the children, not realizing their attention spans were shot after the Library and Capitol tours.

Total Fitbit miles walked:  7.16 miles

NYR 4-15-14

Today we suffered through monsoon-like rain in DC, which always makes for a fun, happy, large family outing.  Every other tourist in DC apparently thought going to the National Air and Space Museum would be a great rainy day outing, but we conquered the line and enjoyed the museum.

In the afternoon, the big kids went to tour the Washington Nationals' ball park and the little kids went to the National American Indian Museum, which boasts a wonderful "exploratorium" for young kids.  

1 of 3 smiling and looking at the camera is a pretty good success rate.

2 of 3 in the photo is a pretty good success rate.

4 of 4 smiles/grimaces is a great accomplishment.

3 of 4 in the Nationals' press box is a pretty good success rate.

Total Fitbit Miles Walked: 4.16 miles

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

NYR 4-14-14

This morning we went to the American History Museum followed by a boat cruise on the Potomac.  My aunt, uncle, cousin, her husband and their 3 sons arrived this afternoon, after which we enjoyed a nighttime tour of the monuments.  Out total head count at the end of the day was 7 children under age 12 and 8 adults. It's a lot of moving parts and people to keep track of!

Fitbit Miles Walked:  8.69 miles

Favorite photos of the day:

Cousin Love on the boat

So, so, so tired. Just need to close my eyes for a minute.

It requires military precision for all of us to cross the street before the crosswalk sign changes.

So many cousins, so much fun.  FDR was a good sport!

Eleanor got in on the love, too.

NYR 4-13-14

After the Palm Sunday service at our church, we headed out to Arlington National Cemetery.  My 5 year-old nephew Blair and I took a slower pace than the rest of the group.  I don't get to hang out with 5 year-olds very often these days, and I forget how refreshing they are and how their brains operate.  I loved this time with him.

Blair had to take a series of rest stops:

Fitbit Miles Walked:  6.16 Miles

Favorite photos of the day (other than the Blair rest photos which make me giggle over and over):
Always a moving place

Gigi, with 4 of her 5 grandchildren

NYR 4-12-14

Last night, Jimmy's dearest childhood friend and his son arrived for a couple days and today, my mom, sister-in-law, niece and nephews arrived.  We joined the 14 million other people who wanted to enjoy the cherry blossoms at their peak on a perfect spring afternoon.  

Fitbit Miles Walked: 5.76 miles
Favorite photos of the day:
Riding the Metro

Peak blossom perfection

Spring Break Posts over the next week

This week we are celebrating spring break with daily posts on the visit of family and friends that we are enjoying over the week.  Washington, DC will never be the same!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

NYR 4-11-14

For three full years in Bogota, we never opened our windows.  We lived on a very busy street so the honking alone would have driven me crazy, but add to that the horrible smog and air pollution that infiltrated with the windows closed, and I would've gone stark raving mad.

I am LOVING being able to open my screened windows and feel the spring breeze and hear the birds singing.  Occasionally, I hear traffic but it's not the overwhelming background noise.  So thankful for this springtime which I'm appreciating more than any other spring in my life!