Monday, May 4, 2015

Update on the spelling bee

(I just realized that this didn't publish for some reason. Didn't mean to leave you hanging, Beth!!) 

It wasn't a banner day for Mac at the spelling bee. Of the 7 students who participated (one was reportedly in London), he was eliminated second by a pretty easy word. 

When the announcer said "snide", I could tell from his face that he had no idea how to spell it. But he jumped in anyway, mangled it royally, and took his elimination with his head held high. 
What I've learned about school spelling bees is that some people (like 6 of the 8 there today) take these things very seriously. They've watched Akeelah and the Bee and the National Spelling Bee on ESPN one too many times. They ask for the definition, for the word to be used in a sentence and for the word to be repeated. C'mon. The word was groundhog. You don't need the definition or a sentence. Quit stalling and spell the word. 

I am pleased to tell you the girl who appeared horrified at Mac's lax approach to spelling bee preparation won the whole thing so she and her Tiger Mom can feel vindicated in their stellar prep work. 

I am vindicated by the fact that my child's  photographic memory has never seen the word "snide" before because it's really not such a positive word. And I know he'll never forget how to spell it again.