Friday, March 13, 2015

One little dog on my bad list

Tonight we went to dinner at District Taco (best carnitas!) with our dear friend Chico from Guadalajara days a very long time ago. Jimmy, Chico and Mac dropped me off at home and went on to Mac's baseball practice at the batting cage. 

I entered the apartment to find my sweet little Leo waiting for me. But instead of barking and jumping around in excitement, he was slinking around with his ears all the way down. 

I've been a parent long enough to know that the children only act that guilty when they've done something really bad. 

Like knock over the trash can and rummage through all the contents. 

Like find the zip-loc bag of biscuits Mom threw away, shred the bag open, and eat the biscuits on the floor,

on the couch, and on top of Mom's favorite orange chair. 

And if the biscuits weren't enough, finish off the bag of Doritos on the couch. 

Make sure you save something for a bedtime snack in case the biscuits wear off.
This is one mad Mama tonight. I've now swept, vacuumed the floor and the furniture, put in a load of laundry to wash the sheets and towels we drape over the couch, and ignored one very poorly behaved pup, who will not be getting his peanut butter Kong at bedtime. 

Happy Friday night from my little monster and me!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

A few of my favorite things...

1.  Sonicare electric toothbrush 

always get a clean bill of health from the dentist, but I also always get a lecture about how I'm brushing away my gums. I have always brushed too hard. It seems only natural that the harder you brush, the cleaner your teeth should be. But alas, the dental experts in my life consistently tell me that is not the case. 

So now I have receding gums, I wear a night guard to help with the grinding, and I fly through toothbrushes like they're used dental floss. The bristles get all splayed out within a day or two or three, which naturally means I just have to brush that much harder. 

A couple weeks ago, I went in for my semiannual dental cleaning. The dentist and the hygienist said the single best thing I could do for my receding gums - and my teeth in general - was stop using a regular toothbrush and instead use an electric toothbrush. 

We bought our new Sonicare toothbrushes this weekend - Jimmy got one, too, because after all it's the best thing that you can do for your teeth. And we love them. We had to get past the tingling lips, but it has a timer -no more humming the ABC song 2 times. Or was it the Happy Birthday song 3 times?  Anyway it times you for 2 minutes with pauses every 30 seconds so you can change quadrants. It's a brilliant little mechanism that's making our teeth feel better than ever. 

2. Working for a private company 

A couple weeks ago, my program manager at the company I work for sent an email to presumably a bunch of us which said whoever responded first to the email would get 2 tickets to the Capitals-Rangers hockey match. 

I responded and got the tickets! 

Naturally I gave the tickets to Jimmy and Mac because I knew Mac would rather go with Jimmy than me.  They are there right now. By all accounts, they are having a great time and spending all the money we saved on the free tickets (note the new hockey jersey that Mac is wearing, although we expressly agreed he would not get a jersey at the game only 30 seconds before they got out of the car and went in to the Verizon Center).

3.  Chevrolet Equinox

We got our new car this week. It's our first new car in over 11 years. We are loving it. It smells good, has leather seats and about 4000 buttons, and it's quiet. So, so quiet. This was a long time coming so we are savoring the delicious beauty of it. 

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Music to a mom's ears

Our apartment building does a pet of the month. We haven't put forth Leo as a nominee because, well, it seems a little weird to nominate your own pet. 

This month's pet was announced and it's none other than Leo's puppy girlfriend, Ruby.  When I read the write-up on Facebook, I realized that Ruby's been two-timing Leo, which is no bueno. 

The only saving grace is that Leo is at least recognized as the "nice" boyfriend.  Every mom wants her son to be a nice boyfriend.