Sunday, April 15, 2012

Summit of the Americas

Jimmy's been in Cartagena for the last two weeks working on President Obama's visit to the Summit of the Americas. He's shared a couple photos that I thought I'd pass along. First is the big arrival of Air Force One....
Second is a burro that a community outside of Cartagena wanted to gift to President Obama...
The Summit ends today and Jimmy comes home tomorrow. We cannot wait!!

Friday, April 6, 2012

the last week or so in review

1. Jimmy's mom, aka Bubby, arrived last Wednesday. We are very excited that she's here with us, and Mac is really enjoying her company since his Easter break started this week and runs for yet another week.

2. I celebrated my 41st birthday on Sunday. The festivities actually began on Saturday night, when we had a delicious family dinner at a neighborhood steakhouse. On Sunday, Mac, Bubby and I were spectactors at a big race Jimmy's office helped to sponsor to raise awarenesss for land mines. Colombia has the second highest number of land mines after Afghanistan, and the loss of limbs and lives is remarkable. Some photos from the event:
Even the President of Colombia ran the race!!

Jimmy just before he started running

There were so many inspiring participants. People missing legs, in wheelchairs or on crutches or with prostheses, all participating.

3. The birthday festivities continued on Monday when I got to my office and found it all decorated with balloons and streamers and "happy birthday" signs. I do love a good birthday celebration that never ends!

4. Jimmy left on Sunday (yes, my birthday) to go work the Summit of the Americas in Cartagena. The Summit doesn't actually happen until next weekend, but there are advance teams and site visits and plans to be made, so he's there now. He returns home on April 16. Nothing like an all-expense-paid vacation in Cartagena for half a month. (Only kidding, Jimmy, if you're reading this. I know you're working very hard in between all those nice dinners out and sightseeing trips.)

5. Bogota hosts a pretty amazing theater festival every two years. The festival brings in all sorts of live productions from all over the world. Yesterday afternoon I went with two friends to see George Orwell's 1984 as acted by members of The Actor's Gang and directed by none other than Tim Robbins. The production was held in a very intimate theater and was amazing and thought-provoking. And during the curtain call, we got to lay eyes on the extraordinarily tall (at least compared to the 6 actors who comprised the entire cast) Tim Robbins, which was pretty cool.

Tonight, Bubby, Mac and I are going to a contemporary dance production called Vertical Road out of the UK. I will probably understand none of this production, but it's an attempt to expose Mac to some culture.

6. I love living in a Catholic country because the holidays roll around so frequently. The embassy was closed yesterday and today, and it feels completely decadent to have two days off!

7. Today we realized how monumentally important Good Friday is to the Catholics. We went to the street market in Usaquen, which happens every Sunday and holiday. Apparently this holiday is so important that they even shut down the street market. We could only find two restaurants open in an area that is known for its restaurants. This city is quiet and empty today. It's a nice change.

Off to watch a movie before we go to the dance performance. Wish us luck!