Wednesday, March 12, 2014

NYR 3-8-14 to 3-12-14

A few days' worth of thankfulness:

3-8-14:  Mac is playing Little League baseball again for the first time since we lived in South Carolina a few years ago (which was his one and only time playing).  Today we shopped for new cleats and baseball pants.  There's something about new sports seasons that are exciting - fresh starts and all that - plus baseball means spring is here and summer's close on its tail.  Happy, happy, happy.

3-9-14:  I didn't feel well today so after church and lunch, I crawled in the bed and dozed and read and watched tv for hours.  It was pretty heavenly.

3-10-14:  Today I visited with a friend who had surgery last week.  We don't get to see each other very often and never without kids and husbands in tow, so it was especially nice to have a couple hours uninterrupted.  I felt refreshed and ready for a full week.

3-11-14:  After a postponed ice skating lesson last week (thank you Snowstorm 6417 of the season), I had my second lesson today.  I kind of rocked it.  Half-swizzles and BACKWARD skating this week.  I'm practically ready for the Olympics.

3-12-14:  Today I bought Nationals baseball tickets for a family visit in April.  See note 1 above.  Baseball screams spring and summer and that makes me happier than I can express.

Friday, March 7, 2014

NYR 3-7-14

Today Jimmy and I celebrated 16 years of marriage.

16 years.

Holy smokes.  That seems like a really long time.  Especially since in my head I'm still 26 and cannot figure out how or why I have an 11 year-old.

Clearly I was a child bride.

We celebrated with a delicious dinner at our favorite Liberty Tavern with the aforementioned 11 year-old, who decided he wanted to come along.

I am so thankful that Jimmy and I married and created this sort of incredible life together, complete with this pretty amazing child.  I realize how blessed I am.

NYR 3-6-14

Tonight we were lucky enough to host a Colombian coworker from Bogota and his wife for dinner.  They're both in town for work and it was so much fun to catch up on what we've missed in the last 8 months.  So thankful for the opportunity to maintain special friendships .

NYR 3-5-14

1.  Today was NOT a snow day.


After snow days on Monday and Tuesday and knowing that there's no school on Thursday and Friday because of parent-teacher conferences, I was very thankful to send Mac to school today, even if it was only for 4.5 hours (because of early release Wednesdays).

(Mac is thrilled with a 4.5-hour school week.)

2.  Tonight I went to a Q&A with Ina Garten, aka the Barefoot Contessa.  I am more in love with her now than I was before.  So thankful I could hear her in person, even if I was in the nosebleed section and couldn't really see her very well.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

NYR 3/1/14 - 3/4/14

3/1/14 - Mac returned from his sleepover around 1:15, so Jimmy and I had a nice leisurely morning all to ourselves, and for that, I am thankful.

3/2/14 - Today, I joined at least 1/2 of the Arlington population at the Harris Teeter so we could all stock up on toilet paper and bread before the snowstorm rolled in.  I am not kidding you when I say that I was in line to check out for 30 minutes. 30 minutes! I almost had to sit in my buggy because my legs were starting to hurt.  For surviving the grocery pandemonium, I am thankful.

3/3/14 - another day, another snowstorm.  Surely this is the last big one of the season (a girl can dream, right?) and for that I am thankful.

3/4/14 - another unexpected snow day with my boy at home, so we're off to the movies this afternoon.  For a random Tuesday afternoon movie outing, I am thankful.